Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage ideas to keep things organized 
The kitchen is where we prepare meals, store groceries, cookware, and more. But the kitchen is also the centre of our daily activities. So if you're thinking about a remodel and looking for ways to get more organized in the process, we've rounded up some handy kitchen storage ideas to help you inspire the most functional and efficient kitchen of your dreams. 
 Personalized kitchen storage options are growing in popularity 
Better Homes and Gardens reports that creative storage solutions will be popular additions in kitchen design in 2020, with a staggering 78% of homeowners renovating their kitchens and planning to add special storage to their new cabinets. Creating more organization in your kitchen means more than just storing items in specific drawers or cabinets. Homeowners need modern, affordable solutions that help reduce health risks, improve food preparation, and make cooking and cleaning more efficient.
Pull Out Storage Solutions 
Why bend, dig, or stoop to access your closet space when an organizer can showcase all of its contents with the pull of a knob or handle? Pull out storage, also known as a pull-out cabinet, is a great way to keep the things you need close at hand in the kitchen.  These storage solutions allow homeowners quick and easy access to items including:
 Pantry Items 
 Storage Containers and Lids 
 Pots and Pans 
 And much more!Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organizer 
 Pull-out storage isn't the only option for better organization in the kitchen. Other accessories homeowners should consider are closet and drawer organizers, like: 
 The Lazy Susan.  A choice among homeowners, the Lazy Susan is a versatile and practical kitchen cabinet. If you want to keep it organized, drawer liners can help. If you've ever had trouble storing large or awkward items like glass trays and round pizza pans, pan dividers might be the solution for you. They give everything a place to keep you and your kitchen organized. 
 inserts for kitchen drawers. These kitchen cabinet accessories serve specific purposes like organizing cutlery, spice jars or even coffee mugs for any coffee lover.
 Imagine tidy countertops, effortless opening of drawers and the knowledge that everything you need is right where it belongs. If you're ready to move into a more organized and functional space or would like to discuss your options with one of our experts, schedule a free design consultation with Linwyk Kitchen today.

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