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The Ten Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

With the trend for open plan living showing no signs of slowing, our kitchens have well and truly cemented their place as the heart of the home. From food prep to dining to homework and relaxing, these days the kitchen is often the most lived in room of the house.
If you are updating your kitchen and looking for ways to make it more family friendly, check out our list of the ten things every family kitchen needs…

A durable work surface

In a hardworking family kitchen you need a work surface that is attractive and tough. At Linwyk Kitchens we have a choice of worktop solutions including a wide range of laminates which are a cost-effective and popular choice with families. Also available is Encore, natural wood, durable granite and Corian® which offers a uniform finish with the option to integrate the sink; perfect for those looking for a minimalist look.

Wipe clean walls

From food splatters to sticky fingers, kitchen walls can see a lot of action. Around food preparation areas wall tiles are a must and around the rest of the kitchen opt for an endurance paint specially designed for kitchens as it will offer increased resistance to grease and stains and will be tough enough to be wiped clean without damaging the paint surface.

An eating area

An open plan living/dining area often tops the ‘must have' list of many house buyers so creating an eating area within your kitchen makes sense. If your kitchen can already accommodate a dining table, great news, if, however, your kitchen is small and an extension isn't on the agenda, look for other ways to make it into a more sociable space – for example, could you sacrifice counter space for a breakfast bar?

A place to relax

If you really want your kitchen to be the heart of the home make it a place people can relax by installing a comfy sofa. Opt for a wipe clean finish, such as leather, as it will be less likely to absorb cooking smells and will be easy to clean.

The latest tech

Updating your kitchen is the perfect time to add some up-to-date technology, popular choices include a wireless sound system and a TV and don't forget to include a charging area for all those gadgets.

A place for the kids to play

The great thing about a family kitchen is that it is a space where everybody can interact while doing their own thing. To encourage the kids to spend time in the kitchen (and to help keep the place organised), create a toy storage area – a few baskets will do, include table top games and craft stuff to encourage family friendly activities.

Child locks

Kitchens are full of hazards; asides from the risk of burns and scalds there are sharp knives, toxic substances and of course cupboards and drawers that can trap little fingers.
Kitchen cupboards can hold a world of fascination to young children who would happily ditch the expensive toys you bought them in favour a cupboard filled with window cleaner and furniture polish. To keep the little ones safe, be sure to install appropriate child locks on all cupboards and drawers and never leave a child unattended in the kitchen - better to be safe than sorry.

Soft close cupboards and drawers

Teenagers? Reduce the opportunity for door slamming with soft close cupboards and drawers! As well as no more slamming, the soft close action minimises the wear and tear on hinges.

A family-sized oven and hob

Here at Linwyk Kitchens we have a wide choice of appliances from leading manufacturers. For large families, opting for extra hobs is a great way to make cooking meals easier.

Adaptable lighting

Depending on the time of day, your kitchen is likely to be used differently. In the morning, most families find the kitchen is a hive of activity while by the evening it is a place to relax and chat. Given the different activities your kitchen sees, installing an adaptable lighting solution is a must, think focused task lighting for food preparation, and ambient lighting for dining.

Here at Linwyk Kitchens we have a wide range of stylish, attractive and durable kitchens that have been designed to suit families and rooms of all sizes. From contemporary designs such as the Vienna to the more traditional Rutland Collection as well as the ever-popular shaker style kitchens.

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