In contemporary lifestyles, kitchens have long ceased being just a service area. While functionality remains an essential factor when setting up a kitchen, design is no less important. Today, more than ever, modern style isn’t defined by one single trend. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with modern kitchen ideas to make your kitchen speak to your taste.  

Your kitchen might be just a part of your studio apartment or a huge open-plan space. However if you enjoy sleek forms, sufficient storage, and lots of personality, modern kitchen design will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Spacious colorful modern kitchen

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What is the Most Popular Kitchen Style Now? 

While modern kitchens can incorporate various styles, they still share several characteristics. They value efficiency and functionality, which translates into energy-efficient home appliances and multi-purpose surface. Modern kitchens also go easy on decor, but in no way are they dull and devoid of character. And lastly, they opt for timeless designs rather than ongoing trends.

To single out some of the trends that both experts and homeowners have consistently favored, open-space plans continue to dominate modern designs. As a contemporary kitchen was integrated into the living space and became part of your home, not just the house, it is now a place for coming together and bonding during a meal and cooking alike. 

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What Makes a Kitchen Look Modern?

Modern kitchens are often accused of being sterile and lacking character. While even the luxury modern kitchen designs may place the focus on slender silhouettes and neutral tones, it doesn’t make them lifeless and boring. 

If your kitchen size doesn’t allow for an open plan with a kitchen island, try to declutter the space as much as possible. There are a lot of modern small kitchen ideas to allow your kitchen to look stylish and inviting. 

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When looking into modern kitchen design ideas, remember that a lot of contemporary trends tend to lose their freshness very soon. Farmhouse-style cabinets, checkerboard backsplash, or other similar trends will make your kitchen look outdated as soon as a new design gains popularity. 

That’s why, unless you are ready to renovate your kitchen every time a new trend drops, we highly recommend going for more timeless options. However, this isn’t to say that you can’t incorporate some contemporary trends that truly speak to your taste. The only recommendation here is to do so in moderation and keep the overall kitchen design clean.

Modern Kitchen Trends

Let’s take a look at some of the modern kitchen ideas that will inspire your kitchen remodeling and ensure that timeless look.  

Open Space

While open-plan kitchens may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this trend is here to stay for quite a while. If your apartment allows, combine your kitchen with a dining or living room. But don’t worry if your apartment is too small or has a different layout. You can still make your kitchen feel open by decluttering the space and making it easy to navigate.

Kitchen Island

It is difficult to overestimate the role of a kitchen island. From a cooking surface to a dinner table, it is often the focal point of your kitchen. The central placement of an island is considered classic. However, there are various other visually interesting options. If your kitchen (or budget) doesn’t allow for an island, use a regular table instead or explore other kitchen island ideas.

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Materials & Colors 

Let’s paraphrase the famous saying and address the elephant in the kitchen: there is no such thing as one best color for your modern kitchen design. Many give preference to neutral colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Moreover, a splash of color will bring your modern kitchen to life and prevent it from looking sterile. As to materials, natural wood, and metallic accents are here to stay and make your kitchen look like a piece of art.

Less is More 

There used to be a time when covering every unused (and sometimes working) surface with a doily, arranging armies of porcelain figurines on the shelves, and generally over-decorating in every possible way was an acceptable trend. However, like any temporary trend, it stopped being relevant.

Again, this doesn’t mean your kitchen should be generic and stark, but moderation is key here. Choose one piece of art that perfectly sums up the vibe you want to achieve and display it proudly. As to the appliances, a lot of modern designs provide built-in or hidden appliance options.

30 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

1. White Subway Tiles For The Backsplash

Versatile and easily combined with any color palette, these modern kitchen wall tiles will create a clean and timeless look for your kitchen backsplash

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2. Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Multifunctional islands work best in small apartments. Still, you can incorporate them into any kitchen, especially if you are going for a minimalist feel. A kitchen island with banquette seating can double as a breakfast nook or a place for the entire family to gather around for a meal.

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3. Farmhouse Kitchen

If you are a big fan of the farmhouse style, you can still make it work without getting outdated. Try minimal decor, brass fixtures, and a monochromatic look for the best results.

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4. Secret Colors

If your kitchen has a pantry, consider painting its walls a vibrant color. The surprise reveal every time you open the pantry door will have the most impact if the rest of your kitchen is of a darker or more somber tone. Pair the bright walls with a stone floor and natural wood countertop for a classy look.

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5. Multiple Wood Tones

If your modern kitchen has a lot of wooden elements, like cabinets, table or island tops, or stool legs, you can diversify the space by combining natural wood of different tones. Not only will this serve as a refined decoration, but also help visually separate different areas.


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6. Skylight Opening

Natural light is always welcome in any part of your home, especially if you decide to go with a dark color scheme. If you have black, dark blue, or even dark wood cabinetry in your kitchen, a skylight opening will open up the space and give you plenty of natural light.

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7. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen 

You can go with a mid-century interior design for your kitchen as long as you maintain clean lines and easy-to-navigate flow. White cabinets, faux leather stools, and brass fixtures create visual interest and a distinct mid-century vibe.  

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8. Beach Life

Even if you live in the middle of a busy city, you can still create that coastal vibe in your kitchen. Do this by combining light natural wood, white cabinets, and an occasional splash of ocean blue. Think curtains and rugs, backsplash tiles, or a piece of marine-themed art on the wall.

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9. Natural Light

If your kitchen has a patio, include it in your design. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors will let in lots of light and make your kitchen feel fresh and airy. A dining space on the patio will bring the two areas together even more. It’s perfect to enjoy a nice summer evening dinner outdoors.

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10. Monday Blues

A sure way to make your kitchen space feel fresh and clean, yet not dull, is to go for light blue paint. Combine it with a darker shade of blue for the chairs and white countertops to create a classic design.

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11. Elegant & Sleek

If you are looking for elegance, go with neutral tones and stainless steel for your range hood, bar stools around the island, and other fixtures. Opt for sleek and slender silhouettes to make the space feel unique and efficient.

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12. Monochromatic Design

Not only does the monochromatic design make your kitchen look more modern, but it also opens up a smaller space that would otherwise feel overcrowded with many details in the design. If you go for black cabinetry, appliances, and floor, break it up with white or cream-colored walls.

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13. Statement Floor

Whenever a statement piece is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is either lighting, art, or even a kitchen island. However, bold floor tiles can create a statement that feels modern and unique. Tone down other decorations to give your modern kitchen tiles design the full limelight it deserves.

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14. Streamline Your Storage

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of storage in any kitchen. Streamlining cabinets and other storage facilities creates a clean and sophisticated look. Moreover, it’s a practical solution.

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15. Black is Your New Favorite Color

Going all black for a kitchen might not be a conventional choice, yet it gives your kitchen a modern and sophisticated vibe. Complement it with a lot of natural light and plants. 

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16. Mix & Match 

“Rustic” might not be the word you associate with a modern kitchen. But if you like this style, combining different materials will give you this result. Between wood tones, metal appliances, and a textile runner, your kitchen will look sleek yet simple.

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17. Statement Hood

A range hood is often overlooked in the overall kitchen design. Turn it into a statement piece by coordinating it in color with the backsplash, cabinetry, or countertops. 

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18. Personal Touches

Nothing speaks modern like showing your personality in every corner of your home. Original kitchen island lighting, your favorite cookbooks on display, or customized cabinet pulls will bring individuality to your kitchen and make it an inviting space.

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19. Snow White

An all-white kitchen might sound sterile and the opposite of homely. However, it can create a timeless look that gives plenty of options for decor ideas. 

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20. Matte Finish

Mixing finishes can create a unique visual contrast. While a matte finish creates an exquisite look on its own, combining it with a glossier finish will enhance the effect. 

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21. Black and White

An all-time classic color combination, a black and white kitchen will feel warm and inspiring. Whether you choose white marble countertops and black cabinets or vice versa, you can’t go wrong.

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22. No Upper Cabinets

Skip upper cabinets to give your kitchen more air. Paint the base cabinets a color that contrasts the walls for a contemporary minimalist vibe. 

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23. Bright Accents

If you have a white kitchen, accentuating it with bright colors can add warmth and create an interesting visual solution. Whether it’s interesting wall art or painted fixtures on built-in cabinets, this style is modern and visually appealing. 

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24. Go Minimal

If functionality is all you are looking for in a kitchen, you can skip kitchen decor and go full minimalism. Never feeling outdated, a minimal kitchen is a great example of combining style with efficiency. 

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25. Pendant Light You Can’t Miss

Among kitchen lighting ideas, a statement pendant light hanging over a marble island not only creates a stylish combination but also visually opens up the space.

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26. On Display 

Put your favorite cookbooks, decorative pieces, or framed photos on display. Mount a shelf above your backsplash that complements it in color or matches the warm wood of the cabinetry. 

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27. Industrial Feel

An industrial kitchen features strict lines and minimal decor yet allows generous space for creativity. From brick walls and concrete floors to a black island and exposed pipes, it is full of personality.

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28. Keep It Open

Keeping your kitchen space open and blended with the rest of the apartment works well not only in larger spaces but also in small apartments. Opt for a reserved palette and consider floating cabinet ideas.

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29. Galley Layout

Long and narrow, the galley layout is often considered outdated. But if you prefer keeping cooking separate from the rest of the living space, modernize it by giving the cabinets and walls a contemporary look. 

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30. Right In The Center

Give your kitchen the limelight it deserves! A central kitchen positioned in the middle of a living or dining room stands out. You can either coordinate it with the surrounding space or play with contrasts.

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How Can I Modernize My Kitchen Cheaply?

Remodelings can take a significant toll on your wallet, so you might hesitate to start modernizing your kitchen right away. However, the good news is that there are ways to update your kitchen that don’t require a huge budget but will still make your kitchen look on top of the game.


Give your cabinetry a new life by painting them a solid color. A matte finish is preferable in this case, as it ensures that sophisticated look. Keep the color palette consistent, but don’t be discouraged by the idea that you only have to use neutral tones. Well-measured splashes of color or even a monochromatic color scheme can also create that contemporary kitchen feel.

Details Are Deal Breakers

Jazz up your entire kitchen by changing several details, like fixtures, curtain hangers, and lights. Spray paint the cabinet fixtures or even replace them with something more custom. And there you have it, modern kitchen cabinets with minimal effort! Make sure all the metallic parts, like light fixtures, cabinet door knobs, and even water taps, are the same color. This will make your kitchen space look not only contemporary but also well-organized and tied together.

Don’t Overdo The “Wow” Effect

Remember, not every piece of furniture, lighting, or decor in your kitchen should be a statement. If you have a pendant light over your kitchen island or dining table that immediately draws attention, go easy on the dining chairs. One great piece of art will stand out so much more if the walls around it aren’t completely covered with other decor. 

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The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Refined, sophisticated, and inviting, the modern kitchen design has the power to turn your kitchen from a place that was only used as a necessity into the most loved space in your household. With all the modern kitchen ideas to inspire your next remodeling, giving your kitchen a whole new life becomes an exciting project. Have fun renovating!

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